Level 3 Qualification


21st century skill-based UK higher education

21st century skill-based UK higher education qualifications are a natural fit at Edu21. We have partnered with Edupro, a UK Awarding Body that promotes sustainable qualifications in the UK and abroad.

Edu21 is an approved Edupro Learning Centre with Centre # 58602 and has been approved to offer qualifications from Level 3 to Level 5. These qualifications ensure Edu21 to progress learners after IGCSE / O Levels to the second year of a UK Bachelors degree under the guidance of experienced educators.

In the UK and internationally, a Level 3 qualification is a 120 credit of study that is completed in one academic year and progresses IGCSE / O Level students to Edupro’s Level 4 and subsequently Level 5 qualifications. This qualification is a skill based alternative to the GCE A-levels.

Learners completing an Edupro Level 5 qualification at Edu21 are eligible to progress to the final year of a UK Bachelors in the UK or internationally where UK University campuses exist.

Edupro qualifications represent a great opportunity for learners, seeking skill based qualifications that impart employability skills and sound technical concepts and understanding in real-life scenarios and environments. These qualifications are assessed through evidences of student learning throughout the academic year with support from our qualified teaching staff.

Our education system focuses on the overall growth and progress of a child in
various aspects, including physical, emotional, social, and cognitive domains.

Edu21 Founder & Principal