What is Flipped Learning?

“WHAT IS FLIPPED LEARNING ( FLIPPED CLASSROOM) BY ANEELA AHMED JUNAID PRINCIPAL AT EDU21” Flipped learning is a new world of learning and teaching. It is a pedagogical approach in which the conventional notion of classroom-based learning is inverted, so that students are introduced to the learning material before class, with classroom time then being […]

ECEC Webinar

SPECIAL WEBINAR ECEC / Why Teaching Toddlers is Important Education for children under three years old is very important and for good reason! Join us for a panel discussion about education for children ages 0-3 years old: what it is, why it’s important and how to ensure high-quality care in the sensory and science playgroup […]

Children’s Book Drive

Donate a book, shape a life! Donating a book to a child is not just giving them pages and words, it is to give them hopes, dreams and possibilities. Call us to donate or share us your location to collect books. @0334-5552779

Board Exams 2022

Important decisions in Inter-provincial education ministers conference. Board exams will be held in May-June and next academic year will start from August 22. O and A level exams as per schedule.

Full Syllabus for Academic Year 2021-2022

The education ministers decided that every effort will be made to ensure that the entire syllabus for all classes is completed by April/May. Thus there will be no smart syllabus. Exam will be from the entire syllabus

What is STEAM Education?

There’s a lot of hiss about STEAM education, but what’s it all about?STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics, and it has become increasingly fizz-worthy due to its relevance in today’s world. The 21st Century demands professionals who are not only technological skillful but also proficient in creative problem solving, collaboration, communication, design, and engineering[ […]